The impenetrable wall of religious deceit

The hindrance set up by the two monsters of Revelation 13 is colossal and impervious. It remains as a bastion of duplicity that like a cobweb’s snares any individual who approaches enough to be trapped. They are then eaten alive by illness. Misfortune hurt. Neediness appetite and mishaps, viciousness in addition to other things like wars and illegal intimidation The bogus divine beings they love are not divine beings but rather pictures that have no force, and are as dead as the million years of age fossils burrowed starting from the earliest stage. One does not need to trust me yet simply take a gander at the strict foundation of individuals in the news who are the subject of such misfortunes. In spite of their torment they turn up at the congregation or before the special raised area of their convictions and ask again for business as usual to be conveyed.

The genuine God is the Great Spirit of the Universe who has no picture and is in the entirety of room. It controls the world and how individuals think and it utilized the 2 monsters of Revelation to set up the divider and fortify it. It turned into the jail in which the profound offspring of Israel are caught and read about Shincheonji. Following my rebirth and with a solid connect to the Spirit it dispatched me to hades troy the mass of holy places and bring back the youthful.’ Visions followed in which it indicated the picture of Jesus Christ lecturing the huge number on a mountain and in the following I had supplanted him. At long last my face was on a screen that is equivalent to a PC. It was 1984, quite a while before the Internet appeared.

religious norms

It is through the World Wide Web that my work is currently distributed and it is destroying the mass of misdirection by making accessible the realities of strict extortion and the manner by which the monsters cooperated, albeit a huge number of years separated, to swindle the populace out of reality. They use paradise and hellfire as the snare to get individuals in and keep them there. These are legends conceived of sun love and Babylon and the foundations of all religions are in that city and Islam. The name ‘I-s-l-m’ is a compression of the first name that signifies ‘eye of light-god mother’. Her name is alary’ or another’s incredible eye’ and in Revelation 17.5 it pronounces this in huge capital letters, the main spot in the book of scriptures where words are written in this design.