Significant Stylish Painting Techniques for Walls

There is several different painting methods that a homeowner may choose to do to bring some style that is quick. Some paintings methods can make a DIY paint job look like a professional one. Before you can start any kind of painting onto your walls, you will need to be certain you are prepared. You will also need some tools to achieve the painting technique that is specific so make certain you pick these.

Rag Painting Technique

With the rag painting No paint brushes technique or rollers are used. Instead rags like any sort of cotton rag or old t-shirts are utilized to apply the paint. This produces an effect on the wall. To rag paint:

  • Dip the Rag to the container of paint and shake the excess off.
  • Dab the Rag on the wall, applying the paint in whatever pattern that you choose but make certain to not spread the pattern out.
  • For a more touch, it is possible to employ a base color and then rag on a paint color that is lighter.


Sponge Painting Technique

Sponging or sponge painting is a painting technique which is used to provide a depth and interest to a wall. Until you can paint it, you will have to apply a base color. To sponge paint

  • Dip a Sea or sponge in the paint or glaze of your choice.
  • Start from the exterior of one and dab on the sponge in a pattern.
  • Complete the walls in the area in this way or you may choose to do 1 wall in the area with the painting technique.

Color Washing Technique

Color washing is a painting technique that provides a bang gia son jotun finish of shade that is floating. For those who have a wall which has flaws which you need to hide, it is an excellent technique. As you need to build up layers to get the entire, it can take a bit more time than painting techniques. To apply the color washing technique:

  • Paint the wall the color you wish to be your base color for it to dry 20 and then wait.
  • Then return and paint another layer with a color or a color.
  • When Painting this coating use a paint brush and apply the paint in many directions, going through your strokes so the base color shows through in locations that are random.
  • You can do more than one layer of painting this way if you want another color to show on the walls.

These painting methods can be used in any area from a kitchen into a bedroom. They are a great way to add some style the space to be perked up by walls.