Here are some of the best SEO practices of the year 2019

The SEO has been in a significant trend in this modern era. The reason for their popularity is the effective outcomes that were unexpected by the people.

Every year there are a huge number of SEO practices that occurred in the entire world, and every year the best SEO practices are honored by giving the awards to the developer.

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Following are some of the best SEO practices in the year 2019

Kill your zombie pages

This is one of the most popular SEO practices, which has earned popularity in the entire world. These are the web pages that contain the duplicate content and the posts, which have the outdated blog posts, and they also have several pages that are not accessed by the people for buying the products. However, it is recognized by this SEO practice, and it is always founded at the top of the web pages.

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Don’t fight for Dominance

This practice creates its position among the top SEO practices due to the involvement of the most popular marketing theory known as Blue Ocean Strategy, which states the success of the company is mainly based on the market place instead of facing the competitors. You will get the name of this SEO in the SEO best practices 2019.

Land conversions by videos

The use of the video instead of other means of advertising on the landing page of your website was the main cause of this SEO to become one of the leading SEO practices in the year 2019.

These types of benefits lead to the existence of traffic for a long time on your website and automatically increase the engagement of people with your content.

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