The Most Trending Talk Show Of Samantha: SamJam

Samantha’s SamJam is the most fortifying and foreseen show on Aha. Samantha being a host is the most charming part to watch this show once more. Is the consolidated program where assorted Telugu enormous names have come over and shared their insight and experience. The film has opened up different advantaged pieces of information on the acclaimed people. This show has the scramble of humankind by doing the explanation. This show has helped different individuals who are requiring resources and need them to do what they genuinely love to do. Watch telugu shows online like SamJam are as of now continuing ahead the web. Watch Samjam show online on Aha and like the affection for amazing people.

More about the Show:

SamJam is a cooperative program on the Aha which is empowered by Samantha Akkineni. You will roar with snickering and find two or three plans concerning the virtuosos. There are different VIPs who are on the show like Mega Star Chiranjeevi, Rana Daggubati, Naga Chaitanya, Allu Arjun and some more. The visitor has been much all the more bewildering and been a magnificent show.The makers of the show have been with the best humankind that they approach to manage supervising help to the individuals. By giving the cash out. They explored the individuals appropriately and got them on the show to see and serve them with the best fast. This show is a movement where even acclaimed people have suppositions and even they experience commonly more dangerous conditions. The dazzling piece of the show is Sam’s sober minded Jam. That bit of the show will drag the data about the specialists. It’s an identical thing to fiery fire; they need to respond to the deals that have been introduced by Samantha. This show has been incredible and spellbinding considering the visitor who came over.


Technical Aspects:

  • The methodology of the SamJam is truly amazing. It is shot in the studio where there are different get-togethers sitting and a big screen where individuals are watching that on the web. They are astoundingly unbelievable and adroit.
  • The show music is basically stunning. It’s wise and what’s more it’s particularly overpowering to look at. Right when the host enters the show the music comes.
  • The show had the best specialists who had made the show conceivable. They have made it less hard for the social gathering to watch and even acclaimed people to see and be in the hypnotizing climate.
  • Samantha is the basic resource of the show, by the significance of her unconstrained and dynamic lead has an especially huge pile of cutoff centers concerning the show.

Cast and Crew:

Developed by: Allu Aravind

Written by: Anirudh Krishnamurthy

Directed by: ArunSeshkumar

Creative director: B. V. Nandini Reddy

Host by: Samantha Akkineni

Executive producer: Kishore Poluru

Producers: FazilaAllana, Kamna Menezes

Cinematography: R Diwakaran

Editor: Raja Sekhar

Camera setup: Multi-camera

Production company: Geetha Arts

Genre: Talk show

No. of seasons: 1

No. of Episodes: 08

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