Could Software Ever Hope to Replicate Hand Drawn Mind Mapping?

IMindMap is the Software which has emerged from Tony Buzan’s organization during the past couple of years. Through the years many diverse versions of Mind Mapping Software have been developed but iMindMap is now the only one with the official seal of acceptance and wholehearted endorsement from the inventor of the extraordinary thinking tool.The truth is Approaches to Mind Mapping have amazing advantages and each has their place when employed to their strengths but the challenge is that until quite recently the benefits appeared to be mutually exclusive. To summarize when you make a Mind Map by hand and follow Buzan’s instructions about the best way best to get the most from this technique, the procedure encourages you to think in a very different manner compared to the linear approach we had been taught in schools. By applying the principles which means summarizing your thoughts or information into key words organizing them in a radiant hierarchical arrangement you suddenly begin mirroring how the brain naturally believes.

After years of forcing the brain to embrace a relatively rigid structural approach to processing and organizing ideas it is unexpectedly unleashed especially when its lively and creative side is suddenly aroused by lashings of color and plenty of pictures. From personal experience, we can tell you that the transformation can be immensely liberating and that is why Mind Mapping has within the past few years created an almost evangelical following.Buzan himself dabbled with two or three ancient Mind Map software programs but since they had been so far away from his beloved hand drawn creation his interest waned and if truth be told since we understand he was a small technophobe back then. Those leaders of Mind Mapping software persisted and we have some applications that offer performance arranged around the approach of Buzan.

Could Software Ever Hope to Replicate Hand Drawn Mind Mapping?

And then Buzan’s iMindMap

Tony Buzan has Supported the software and is singing from the rooftops about it, not just because he has a commercial interest in it but because it does match the facilities provided by a colored pencil and a blank piece of paper also it has some remarkable facilities which only well written applications on a high performance computer will provide you. The diehards who used to stick up their noses at Mind Map applications are now able to replicate their cherished approach to the procedure on a computer and are finding how much more they could do with their creations in the digital form.

In reality many of them are now attempting Mind Mapping by hand.The iMindMap of buzan is an Enormous leap forward not only as a mind mapping software but also as a personal productivity and creativity tool in its own right and together with the inevitable upgrades, revisions and newer versions, iMindMap can only get better.